Experienced Advocacy In Medical Malpractice Litigation

All of us make mistakes at work. But when medical professionals make preventable errors or act carelessly, the results can be injurious or fatal for their patients. Without the advocacy of an experienced lawyer, it is often difficult or impossible for patients and their families to get answers about what went wrong and to be compensated for their losses.

At KurleLaw, LLC, we are intimately aware of the problems in health care that lead to errors and injuries. Prior to practicing law, our senior attorney Jennifer Kurle spent 14 years in the medical profession as a respiratory therapist. She now uses that experience to investigate malpractice claims and help her clients pursue damages.

Representation In A Wide Variety Malpractice Claims

Not every negative medical outcome is indicative of malpractice. But malpractice can occur in nearly any medical scenario. Here are just some of the types of claims we can pursue on your behalf:

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Surgery errors (wrong-site surgery, retained foreign objects, etc.)
  • Hospital-acquired infections
  • Medication errors
  • Opioid overdoses in a hospital setting
  • Failure to adequately monitor
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Wrongful death claims (from errors resulting in death)

Why Our Firm Is Right For Your Case

Medical malpractice claims require communication and trust between the attorney and the client. Our firm remains intentionally small so that our clients benefit from our full attention and availability. When you call, you can usually reach us directly.

But while our firm is small, our network of advocates is large. We often work with physicians and other medical professionals to help investigate cases and to serve as expert witnesses in court.

In short, we are small enough to give you the attention you deserve and large enough to give you the legal skill your case depends on.

Not Sure If You Have A Case? Call Us For A Free Consultation.

While the thought of litigation can be scary, it may help to know that you won't face financial risk. All of our cases are taken on contingency, which means you pay no fees unless we help you recover money. On top of that, our initial consultations are also free. So even if you are unsure whether your case is actionable, give us a call to discuss your rights and legal options.

With an office in Decatur, KurleLaw, LLC, serves clients in medical malpractice cases anywhere in the state of Georgia. To learn more, call us at 404-458-4080, or fill out our online contact form.