Lawyers Fighting Back Against Nursing Home Abuse And Negligence

There are many nursing homes in the Atlanta metro. Unfortunately, most have a bad reputation when it comes to quality of patient care. And because of changing demographics, the problems may be getting worse every year. With so many baby boomers retiring and reaching their later years, the majority of nursing homes are likely to be overfilled and under-staffed.

As demand for nursing home care increases, so does the risk of elder abuse, neglect and negligence. If you believe an aging loved one in a long-term care setting is being neglected or abused, contact the attorneys at KurleLaw, LLC, to discuss your legal options.

What Signs Of Abuse Should You Look For?

Even if you regularly visit your loved one, you cannot be around all the time. Therefore, you are unlikely to witness abuse or neglect in person. But there are some signs that could indicate a problem. They include

  • Bruises, bed sores and broken bones with no explanation given
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • A change in your loved one's mood or demeanor

Of course, your loved one may verbally report to you that abuse or neglect is occurring, but not all nursing home residents are able to communicate verbally due to mental incapacity or physical incapacity. When the patient cannot communicate, please be observant of anything that seems amiss.

Could You Be A Whistleblower?

Medicare and Medicaid fraud are major problems in nursing homes around the country. Facility owners or managers may be billing the government for services that were never rendered - harming both patients and taxpayers alike.

If you work in a nursing home or otherwise suspect that the establishment may be committing fraud, contact our firm. Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers who help the government catch and prosecute fraud are entitled to a share of proceeds from a settlement or court award.

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