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Nursing Homes Continue To Struggle With Staffing Shortages

"At some point...the system is going to fracture" Staffing shortages at nursing homes and assisted living facilities are becoming more and more common in Georgia and throughout the nation. According to a recent report by NPR, nursing facilities are currently experiencing "historic staffing shortages," which is something that creates an environment ripe for nursing home...

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Are Medicare's Nursing Home Ratings Trustworthy?

A Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Discusses the Care Compare Scandal A popular 5-star rating system that helps people choose nursing homes may be providing dangerously incomplete information. A nationwide investigation by The New York Times reveals thousands of incidents of physical and sexual nursing home abuse as well as incidents of catastrophic neglect that...

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Nursing Home Still Operating After 83 Covid Deaths

A Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Discusses In April 2020, in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, police acting on a tip found 17 bodies crowded into a very small morgue at one of the largest nursing homes in New Jersey. It was a horrifying discovery that led to an investigation, fines, and a...

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A Legal Victory for Families of COVID-19 Victims

A Decatur, Georgia nursing home negligence lawyer provides the details Families who have filed COVID-19 lawsuits against nursing home operators alleging negligence and wrongful deaths scored a major legal victory when a federal court ruled on Oct. 21 that a case can proceed against two New Jersey facilities. The ruling could open the doors for...

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What Happens if Nursing Homes Close Due to the Pandemic?

A nursing home abuse lawyer in Georgia explains Even before the pandemic hit in 2020, many nursing homes were struggling. Staffing shortages, rising costs, and a decline in occupancy led more than 550 facilities to close between June 2015 to June 2019. The coronavirus spread rapidly in nursing homes throughout the country, leaving more than...

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Residential Care Facilities Have Lost 380,000 Workers

A Georgia nursing home abuse lawyer explains how staffing issues cause problems Across the country, many businesses are struggling to find workers. It’s a trend that started early in the pandemic and has impacted many types of employers, including residential care facilities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing homes and other residential...

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Fine Limits Removed for Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Violations

Our law firm reveals what you should know The federal government recently restored federal standards that remove limits on fines that can be levied against nursing homes for neglect, abuse, and other violations that occur in nursing homes nationwide. In 2017, the federal government reduced the maximum amount that nursing homes could be fined for...

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COVID-19 magnified Georgia nursing homes' troubles

The pandemic may be ending, but the problems it exposed won't just go away. When COVID-19 arrived in Georgia last year, the first places to be hit hard were nursing homes. Infections surged among residents and staff, and too many families had to watch their loved ones battle the disease from afar. The pandemic is...

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