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Legal Options for Victims of MRSA in Nursing Homes

When facilities fail to protect residents' health, we hold them accountable. One of a nursing home's most important responsibilities is protecting residents from infections. Most nursing home residents have compromised immune systems and other risk factors that make them especially vulnerable, and many are not capable of taking steps to protect themselves. Among the most...

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Accountability and Compensation for Nursing Home Burn Injuries

In Georgia and across the U.S., burn injuries in nursing homes can have devastating consequences for elderly residents. These injuries may occur due to various factors, including negligent care, lack of supervision, or unsafe conditions within the facility. When a loved one suffers a burn injury in a nursing home, it's essential to understand their...

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Nursing Home Falls & Brain Injuries: Can You File a Lawsuit?

A nursing home neglect lawyer can explain your legal options. Many times, preventable injuries in Georgia nursing facilities occur due to nursing home neglect. Some of the most severe and potentially fatal injuries older adults sustain in nursing homes are head and brain injuries caused by falls. So, just how common are brain injuries in...

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Georgia Nursing Homes Receive Poor Ratings for Patient Care and Health Outcomes

In a recent analysis by U.S. News & World Report, Georgia's nursing homes have been found lagging in patient care and health outcomes compared to other states. This sets the stage for rampant incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect. This analysis evaluates staffing levels, patient outcomes, and harm prevention. It drew data from Nursing...

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Breaking the Silence: Addressing Fear of Retaliation in Nursing Homes

Elderly residents depend on the care and support nursing homes should provide. But there's a type of unprofessional behavior that creates a culture of fear and silence: nursing home retaliation. This involves malicious actions taken against residents in response to complaints or grievances. This often affects residents who have raised issues about the quality of...

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Are Nursing Homes Responsible for Bedsores?

Bedsores (also known as pressure ulcers) affect over 2.5 million people annually in the U.S. These injuries to the skin and underlying tissue result from prolonged pressure and are particularly prevalent among seniors due to their more fragile skin and often limited mobility. Understanding the prevention, recognition, and treatment of pressure ulcers is crucial, as...

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Nursing Home Staffing Rule Sparks Heated Debate in House Hearing

During a recent hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives addressing nursing home staffing issues, the focus was squarely on the critical problem of understaffing in nursing facilities. As experts and lawmakers deliberated a proposed rule regarding minimum staffing requirements, they underscored the consequences of insufficient nursing home personnel. This discussion holds a sense of...

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How Nursing Homes Must Prevent Choking Deaths

Nursing home residents need 24-hour care to help with many activities of daily living, including eating and drinking. One of the facility’s most important responsibilities is to help residents with meals, and that includes preventing choking incidents and deaths. Unfortunately, far too many nursing homes in Georgia fail to meet that standard of care, and...

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Nursing Home Neglect is Often a Factor in Concussion Injuries

When it comes to nursing home care, families place their trust in facilities and caregivers to provide the highest level of safety and support for their loved ones. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is an unsettling reality that can have severe consequences, including the risk of concussion injuries. These traumatic brain injuries can result from various...

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Why Are UTIs So Common in Nursing Homes?

Exploring the factors contributing to UTIs in nursing home residents The prevalence of severe health issues among elderly residents in Georgia nursing homes is frequently linked to instances of abuse and neglect. Among these concerns, urinary tract infections (UTIs) stand out as an alarming problem. If you believe that a loved one developed a UTI...

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