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What are common nursing home abuse and neglect injuries?

Your loved one doesn’t have to suffer in silence

Nursing home abuse and neglect in Georgia often results in very serious injuries. In an instant, you or a loved one can suddenly sustain a serious injury due to a nursing home worker’s abusive actions or neglectful behavior. Other nursing home residents may also be to blame for your family member’s injury. Whatever the circumstances, you can count on us to be your family’s voice for justice.

Our experienced Georgia nursing home abuse lawyers at Kurle Justus, LLC have an in-depth understanding of the injuries nursing home residents often sustain. This knowledge comes from working with families throughout Georgia dealing with nursing home abuse or neglect. One of our attorneys even worked in the medical field for more than 10 years before becoming a lawyer.

That’s why people trust us to be there for them when they’re dealing with a serious injury due to neglect or abuse in a Georgia nursing home. We know what evidence to look for when investigating these cases. We know what questions to ask. We’re the law firm you want on your side when it matters most.

What type of nursing home abuse injury are you dealing with?

Nursing home abuse injuries can cover a wide range. Some of the most common – and most serious – nursing home abuse injuries include:

Is your family dealing with one of these types of injuries due to nursing home abuse? Or did something else happen to your loved one? Whatever type of injury you’re dealing with, your loved one should not have to suffer in silence. We can speak out on your behalf and make sure their injury gets the attention they deserve.

What type of nursing home neglect injury are you dealing with?

Nursing home neglect injuries can result in serious health problems that can severely affect a person’s health and well-being. Some of the most common nursing home neglect injuries we handle at our law firm include:

You have enough to worry after your loved one’s nursing home injury. Make sure they get the medical care they need and deserve. Our attorneys can handle everything else – from filling out legal paperwork to representing your loved one in court if necessary.

Our unique qualifications are what set us apart. Contact our law firm.

Don’t underestimate the complexity of your nursing home abuse or neglect injury. In most cases, you will meet fierce resistance from the nursing home. Often, they’ll claim they’re not responsible for your loved one’s injury, and that they did everything they could to prevent such an injury. They might even try to claim your family member is to blame.

Why do they do this? Because there’s often a lot of money at stake. They know that if they are responsible for your loved one’s injury, they could be required to pay for all their medical bills and other injury-related expenses. That’s why their attorneys and their insurance companies often do everything they can to deny your injury claim.

They don’t intimidate us. Our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to nursing home abuse or neglect injuries. We know how to negotiate effectively. If necessary, we will not hesitate to file a nursing home injury lawsuit on your family’s behalf.

Contact our law firm to learn more about how we can help you. Schedule your free case evaluation with Georgia nursing home injury lawyers who put your family’s needs first. Schedule an appointment in our Decatur office. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you – in your hospital room, your home, virtually via video chat or wherever’s convenient for you.

Broken bones

Nursing home abuse often results in broken bones. Whether it’s a broken arm, a broken leg, or a hip fracture, such an injury can severely affect your loved one’s life. That’s why it’s important for you take a stand if your loved one sustained a broken bone in a nursing home. That’s why we want to work with you.

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Burn injuries

Burn injuries in nursing homes are often the result of abuse. Sometimes, it’s because a nursing home employee intentionally burned your loved one. Or someone at the nursing home pushed your loved one onto a hot radiator or poured scalding hot water on them. Whatever the circumstances of your loved one’s burn injury, we can help you speak up and speak out for your loved one. We can be your voice for justice.

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Severe bruises

Serious bruises due to abuse by a nursing home worker or resident need to be taken seriously. Your loved one may even have severe internal injuries due to being hit or punched by someone. When this happens, it’s important to take your loved one’s injury seriously right from the start. Make sure they get the medical attention they need. We’ll make sure we’re your family’s voice for justice.

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Severe infections

Infections in nursing homes are often due to neglect. Most infections occur due to unsanitary conditions in nursing homes, which are dirty and poorly cleaned. When this happens, our attorneys can investigate your loved one’s injury and fight for their rights.

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One of most serious infections which often affects nursing home residents is sepsis. Untreated infections can turn into sepsis, which can result in kidney failure, other organ failure and dangerously low blood pressure. Because of the severe health problems often associated with sepsis, it’s critical that your loved one receives immediate medical care. Meanwhile, we can investigate your loved one’s injury and build the strongest possible legal case.

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One of the most common injuries that affect nursing home residents is bedsores. These injuries often occur because someone is lying in the bed in the same position for hours or sometimes even days. It’s the responsibility of nursing home staff members to make sure residents are moved regularly and not stay in one position for too long. The nursing home also needs to change the sheets regularly and make sure any wounds are properly cleaned and do not become infected. Otherwise, they can develop painful pressure ulcers or even sepsis. That’s why you need to talk to your law firm right away. We can be your family’s voice for justice.

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Infected pressure ulcers

When left untreated, bedsores can turn into painful and infected pressure ulcers. Again, these injuries often occur when people stay in bed for too long in one position. This is often due to understaffing at nursing homes or negligent nursing home employees who don’t take the time to make sure residents live in clean and sanitary conditions. When that happens, it’s our job to hold them accountable and be your family’s voice for justice.

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Urinary tract infections

One of the most common serious infections we often deal with at our law firm involving nursing home residents are urinary tract infections (UTIs). These infections often occur due to unsanitary conditions in the nursing home due to neglect. If not treated promptly, a UTI can turn into sepsis or another dangerous infection. Make sure your loved one gets the medical care they need right away for their UTI. Make sure you talk to an attorney at our law firm to learn more about your family’s legal rights.

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Pneumonia is a serious infection that often affects the lungs. Pneumonia often occurs in unsanitary nursing homes. If it isn’t treated promptly, pneumonia can quickly spread between other residents, especially if they share the same room or common areas. Some nursing homes deny anything is wrong. We can help your family dig deeper to uncover the truth. Your loved one does not have to suffer in silence. We can be your voice and fight for your rights.

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Unexplained death

The death of a loved one in a nursing home often occurs due to neglect or abuse. Nursing homes have a responsibility to properly care for their residents. When they don’t, residents sometimes die due to unsanitary conditions, malnutrition, dehydration, or other serious lapses in care. Our job is help you find out what happened and to hold the nursing home accountable for its actions. We take our job very seriously and we would be honored to represent you and fight for your rights.

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